Topographical Surveys

Topographical Site Surveys

Our Practice is equipped with a fully Robotic Total-Station & is GPS upgradable when required. We also have the most up to date post processing survey software available on the market allowing us to carry out practically any project, from a simple contour survey to a complex volume analysis survey for a landfill site, etc.
Detailed Topographical Surveys are a must for almost all projects and this accurate equipment is an absolute necessity for setting out complex buildings, housing estates, etc..

Topographic surveys are typically a first step in any construction or development project, it may be necessary to perform a topographic land survey to identify various features and elevations for any area land. Specifically, it shows their location, size, height and any changes in elevation. In essence it is a 3-dimensional map of a property showing all natural and man-made features and will generate an accurate contour map for the levels on any specific site.